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From time to time, we at the User’s Guide make our way into the popular press.  If you’re as obsessive about finding out about us as we are, here’s your one-stop place to check us out.

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  1. David Nassau says:

    I’m a physics amateur but I am fascinated by relativity. Every time I read about the Equivalence Principle, I am gripped by the thought that there is a completely different interpretation than Einstein’s curved spacetime, which also explains the E.P. and many of the physical effects associated with it. What if space itself is “falling” into the massive object? In other words, space is “collapsing” and becoming “compressed” inside the planet/star/black hole. In that case, we standing on the earth feel that we are accelerating because we really ARE accelerating relative to the collapsing/falling space around us. It seems less of a stretch, conceptually, than 4d curvature. The gravitational redshift and time dilation are still predicted. Spacetime geodesics must be reinterpreted, not as straight lines in spacetime, but as a “rest” state relative to the collapsing space. Has anyone worked out the implications of this interpretation?

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