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Who hates coloring?  Not you!

Who hates coloring? Not you!

More often than not, scientists can be found sharing their opinions with others.  This gratuitous gesture is usually, at least from the position of the dude or dudette talking, a blessing.  “Now you are enlightened,” the scientist may think, “and we are on the same page.”

But let’s be honest.  Sometimes, you don’t want to know exactly how something technical happens–take, for instance,  one of several potential decays of a neutron into a proton–unless you can color it in.

Believe me, I know.  I’ve spent the last 9 years scribbling and doodling in notebooks.  I attribute my high scores in atomic and nuclear physics to my joy for drawing little, smiling circles driving race cars.  It brought me great joy.

And now, I share that same joy with you.

May I present to you: Our Proper Proton, a coloring book.  For free.  Print it out and color it in.  Or print it out and give it to your friends.  Or color it in and send a picture to myself or dave.  If there’s a particularly good one, we might even post it on the site!

Download the coloring book here.

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  1. Katrina Gressett says:

    The link is broken. 🙁

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