Just to give you an idea for the sort of truly, truly awful humor you’re in for, check out a few of our “best of’s” (including some that our agent or editor suggested we toss because they were just too painful).

Hmm… how well does this illustrate the wavelength/energy relation?

Jeff’s attempts at portraiture and parody.

This wasn’t ever intended to go into the book, but Jeff had a bit too much caffiene.

The premise for this is a bit off, but it’s touching, nevertheless.

For those in the know, this is an awesome reference to a time I was interviewed on TV.

Oh, Uncle Louie.

Our editors referred to this as “a rare clunker.” What do you think?

Dammit! We couldn’t figure out a reasonable way to integrate the Plank/Planck pun in. Grrr.

This isn’t so much funny as fanciful. It has a “Little Prince” feel to it, don’t you think?

Ch8 is largely about the search for aliens. This is one of our many flirtations with copyright infringement.

In Chapter 9, we talk about the solar neutrino problem. Somebody‘s been stealing all the neutrinos, but who?

In Chapter 4, our schtick is the “Blomberg” (or Goldquist?) family reunion. Aren’t we wacky?

See what the authors would look like if they were the walking dead!

We haven’t quite figured out where to put this one, yet.

This really happened

Our agent thought this was both useless and too confusing.

We skirt the line of copyright infringement.

Risque particle physics humor.

Cousin Brian as the cosmic randomizer.

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