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It’s going to be 2 in a row with regards to the kid-science connection, and for that I am totally not sorry.


My daughters are now 6 and 3, and both of them are really into math. There are a ton of free-ish web based math games out there, but they tend to include limits on the number of problems, pop-up ads, or simply aren’t very flexible.  Instead of dealing with all of that, I decided to write my own customizable javascript game for my older daughter, Willa:

It’s pretty simple.  Kids can chose from Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, or Series, and there’s a slider to set the difficulty level.  The code then randomly generates a problem at the appropriate difficulty level.  Kids get two chances, and if they’re correct, they get a star, and if they’re wrong they get a sad face.  After more than 10 correct answers, there’s a random chance of generating a “prize” (in Willa’s case, these include fairy coloring pages, mazes, and the like.)

I’ve found that her cousins, friends, and even her little sister are totally into the game, and can absolutely stay engaged enough to win a prize or two. It’s excellent practice, and surprisingly engaging for what are, essentially, flash cards.

The background is generated by some of Willa’s own artwork, which may not be all that exciting for your kids, which is why I developed a “gamemaker” page:


You can put in your kid’s name, a URL for his/her artwork or something they like for the background, and a few “prize” pages, and poof! we generate a shortened URL for their personalized math page.

Please do try it out, and be sure to share it with friends.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

– Dave 


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