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Greetings, internet. I’ve got a few posts in the queue on the potential dangers of colliding with a star in your warp drive and such like, but I wanted to give update on a couple of really exciting interviews this coming week.

Last week was pretty exciting, too. On Monday, I did a “Science on Tap” talk at National Mechanics. The turnout was nuts:

Next month promises to be even better. On February 10th, my pal Ken Lacovara will be talking about “Next Generation Paleontology.”

On Tuesday, I gave a really fun double-header talk with Max Tegmark at the Free Library. If you couldn’t come out in the rain, don’t fret. The good folks at the library have made the talks (or at least the audio content) available online.

That’s all for now, but I’ve been getting a lot of fun quickie questions lately that will likely turn into blog posts. As always, feel free to send me more.


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