What do you really need to know about the universe?

Just a quicky. I have a new, somewhat navel-gazing post up at io9 on what you really need to know about the universe, and more generally, why people embrace pop-sci at all. I’m curious to hear what you think, and of course, I’m always looking for more questions for the column.


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2 Responses to What do you really need to know about the universe?

  1. Rich Shelden says:

    Dave –

    I’m reading your book ‘The universe through a rear-view mirror’ and, after stumbling through problems in the first chapter, am getting what I wanted: some understanding of symmetry in physics.

    Is there an ‘errata’ for the book? No point in my listing problems if you already know about them.


    • dave says:

      Hi Rich,

      I think we have them all, and they should be corrected in the second printing (which is what we’re shipping out).

      Let’s see:

      Dirac was, in fact, English not French.

      The Morse Code for E is “.” not “..” (a layout error, not mine)

      I’d said that the earth at around 100,000 mph. It’s really 100,000 kph.

      Page 9 (after saying similar things correctly, on several occasions) inadvertently switched it and said that like charges attract. They, of course, repel.

      But if you see something else, feel free to email me at drdavegoldberg@gmail.com, and I’ll pass them on to my editor.

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