Two weeks in

What a couple of weeks! In the last two weeks I’ve:

  • Done about 20 radio interviews, with several more on the way (WAMC). I’m doing WHYY’s NewsWorks Tonight in about a week, and WNYC’s Leonard Lopate Show on August 20. I also had a really nice interview on
  • Had lots and lots of great press. Universe Today said:

    At most times in Rearview Mirror, Goldberg’s style feels more like a discussion than a book – it’s as if your delightfully nerdy friend from college (the one with a knack for identifying stars, he’s convinced it’s a total turn-on) came over for dinner one night to talk about his favorite topic – the mysteries of the cosmos.

    There’s also a major review coming out in New Scientist next week. It’s generally quite positive with a few criticisms (some valid, a few not, but it’s British, so you have to correct for that), with a very strong finish:

    Fortunately, good sense, humour and inventive explanationsmanage, like matter, to triumph over their evil twins. Goldberg has a fine ear for the absurd, and is deft at revealing why things we take for granted, such as the equality of gravitational and inertial mass, are strange and not obvious at all.

    In the end, Goldberg has a good stab at fulfilling his ambitions. His enthusiasm may sink into scattiness at times but it carries you on a ride through picturesque bits of science. We zoom by Maxwell’s demon, quantum teleporters and black holes, then plunge down for a glimpse of the secret underground, where physics and reality rest on foundations of pure symmetry.

    It pains me to say it this way, but it’s a bit like a kick-ass rollercoaster built through Dwarrowdelf in Middle-earth.

    (where the last probably requires some context).

  • Sold lots of books! We were the #1 Science book at Barnes and Noble last week, at least according to my editor! Woot! Two weeks in and we’re going to a second printing!

Thanks to everyone for giving this book such an enthusiastic reception. Please continue to tell your friends, review online, and on and on.


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