Danica McKellar blurbed my book!

Okay, just one more, and only because it’s pretty insane. Danica McKellar (who you may also remember as Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years) has written a really nice blurb for the Universe in the Rearview Mirror:

This is a fun and fascinating examination of core physics concepts, explained with humor and levity – and which even includes a look at one of physics’ unsung heroines, a giant upon whose shoulders many physicists have stood: Emmy Noether!

—Danica McKellar, actress and New York Times bestselling author of Math Doesn’t Suck

In other news:

  • I’ll be doing a reading and book signing on release day (July 11) at the Rittenhouse Barnes and Noble in Philadelphia at 7:00pm. Come by and say hello.
  • Discover will be reviewing my book in their July/August issue (out June 11). Check it out!
  • I should have a new “Ask a Physicist” column out later today at io9. It’s all about the Big Rip!

Exciting stuff!


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