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Okay, I promise not to overdo it, but in the last few days, some really awesome people have been saying some really awesome things about my upcoming book, The Universe in the Rearview Mirror:

Most physics books can’t really be described as `rollicking,’ but most physics books aren’t written by Dave Goldberg. This book is fun, irreverent, and enjoyable, but also very truthful and illuminating. Buy it for your friend who was always scared of physics, especially if that friend is yourself.

– Sean Carroll, theoretical physicist at Caltech, author of The Particle at the End of the Universe

Reading this book is like taking a class with the most awesome science professor ever. Goldberg answers the physics questions you secretly want to ask, like whether you’ll ever have a TARDIS and what would happen if Earth were sucked into a black hole. You’ll have so much fun finding out that you won’t realize that you’ve just learned how space and time work at a fundamental level. A must read for anybody who wants to understand the nature of the universe — with jokes.

– Annalee Newitz, editor and time distortion field operator for io9.com, as well as the author of the upcoming Scatter, Adapt, Remember: How Humans will Survive a Mass Extinction

Whether unveiling the mysteries of the Higgs boson, visiting Antworld, or cracking the kaon koan, Dave Goldberg’s masterful explanations of how symmetry shapes the universe will enthrall and enlighten.

~J. Richard Gott, Professor of Astrophysics, Princeton University, and author of Sizing Up the Universe: The Cosmos in Perspective

I’m extremely flattered and touched by their kind words. Please do them a solid by showing their books some love.


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