John Allen Paulos blurbs my book!

Like many of you, one of my earliest and best exposures to popular mathematics writing was John Allen Paulos’s excellent Innumeracy and Beyond Numeracy. He and I have become twitter buddies, and he graciously agreed to blurb my upcoming book:

The scope of Dave Goldberg’s The Universe in the Rearview Mirror is almost as vast as the physical universe it does a most impressive job of describing. Employing an engagingly informal and often humorous voice, he explains some very profound physical ideas, ranging from the the Second Law of Thermodynamics and Maxwell’s demon to Olbers’s paradox of the dark night sky and the mysteries of quantum entaglement. Perhaps most importantly he limns the under-appreciated work of Emmy Noether whom Einstein described as “the most significant creative mathematical genius thus far produced since the higher education of women began.” Her principle that every symmetry gives rise to a conserved quantity unifies much of physics and Goldberg makes clear why and how.

It’s a pretty big honor. If you’re not clear on why, go back and read John’s books, and give yourself a treat.


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