Hi Folks!

Just a few quick announcements (though I’m hoping to write something a bit longer later about science, statistics, and politics).

  • Tonight I’ll be giving a talk entitled, “What’s the Matter with the Higgs Boson?” to the Delaware Valley Astronomical Society. Talk starts at 8, and is free to the public.
  • You might even think of this as the first talk on tour for my new book, “The Universe in the Rearview Mirror.” I’ve submitted my full draft to my editor, and have worked through all of the illustrations with my awesome illustrator, Herb Thornby. I want to show you his drafts of the standard model or how fields interact so badly, but I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait.
  • Also, I’m thinking about what to write for my Ask a Physicist column for next week. As always, send me email!, but also feel free to weigh in on these possibilities:
    1. What will happen when we collide with Andromeda?
    2. How many generations (of stars) since the big bang?
    3. Why does time slow down near a black hole?
    4. Something about the new star around Alpha Centauri B?

    Of course, other suggestions (as always) are appreciated.



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