Ask a Physicist: What's so super about Supersymmetry?

Hey everyone, my “Ask a Physicist” column is officially back! This week, I talk all about supersymmetry.

Would you like to leave an indelible mark on future generations? Well then, ask me a question! If it’s good and of general interest, it may end up in the column and internet fame can be yours. If not, I still try to send private replies. What do you have to lose?


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One Response to Ask a Physicist: What's so super about Supersymmetry?

  1. Joel says:

    Dear Dr Dave Goldberg,
    I couldn’t find any other way of saying all of this as my E-Mail didn’t work. I genuinely just wanted to say how incredible you are! I am merely a secondary school student from the UK and, during my research on generating useful electrical energy from sound waves, one page led to another and eventually I stumbled across your page on Dark Energy from 2010. It has got to be one the greatest things I have ever read! I truly respect the amount of thought that has gone into it and, despite my inability to understand all of it, I still learnt a lot from it and have now started reading some of your other work. I have been debating whether to do A-Level Physics for a while now but this has really inspired me!

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