Day 6 Interview

Howdy y’all! This certainly was an exciting week, what with the official Higgs announcement and all. There was also a lot of excitement (more that 75k hits!) from my io9 article pleading with you not to call it the “god particle.” I even did an interview with the CBC about it. I’m on Day 6 with Brent Bambury on CBC1. You can also just download the episode. I’m about 10 minutes in.

Oh, and a final announcement. I think I’ll be doing an io9 livechat Physics Q&A in a couple of weeks. I’ll give you details when I have them.

Exciting times!


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4 Responses to Day 6 Interview

  1. Simon says:

    1. I love how you point out that most of the mass doesn’t actually come from the Higgs field (something that’s gotten way less coverage in day-to-day media than it should have) and also the fact that ‘Dark Matter’ still is a giant mystery in many ways.

    2. Do you have any plans on covering the Higgs in your upcoming book or is that more appropriate at a later date when we have a more thorough understanding of it?

    3. Final question (and I guess this is more for the potential Q&A over at io9 but I might as well leave it here): What do you think of the Anthropic principle and more to the point, the Weak Anthropic principle?

    Thanks and have a great day/night!

    • dave says:


      Yes, the Higgs is a huge topic in the symmetry book. Chapter 9 (which I’m working on now) is all about the Higgs.

  2. Alf says:

    Day 6 is pretty good. Hopefully you’ll get on Quirks & Quarks soon!

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