The Korean Translation is Out (and other announcements)

Just a short post today. I have a few quick announcements:

  1. The Korean translation of the User’s Guide is out. If you happen to be Korean, then what are you waiting for?
  2. Tomorrow is Emmy Noether’s 130th birthday. Natalie Angiers of the NY Times called me the other day for an interview. Apparently, they’re going to run a small piece about Noether. I’ll post a link when it’s up.
  3. I’ve finished the first 5 chapters (aka half of the book) of “The Universe in the Rearview Mirror” and will be shipping them off to my editor in the next week. If you’re a test reader, and want to have maximum impact on the final manuscript, now is the time to act!
  4. On a personal note: I got an official letter from my provost yesterday, promoting me to full professor!

Thanks for your kind indulgence.


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One Response to The Korean Translation is Out (and other announcements)

  1. Gnomic says:

    Congrats! As a meer adjunct, I genuflect in your general direction.

    I’d love to review. What kind of turnaround do you need?

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