A Short Internet Poll

I realize that this is a physics blog, so we have a very skewed audience here, but I’m curious: How many of you have ever heard of Noether’s Theorem or Emmy Noether? No cheating and looking it up. This is for science!


p.s. Thursday or Friday I’ll be doing an Ask a Physicist column on “What happened before the big bang?” It’ll be heavily excerpted from the User’s Guide, and even more heavily speculative.

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7 Responses to A Short Internet Poll

  1. Sean Lynch says:

    I have. In fact I’m pretty sure you taught it to me.

  2. Brian says:

    Emmy Noether is a famous female mathematician from the 19th century. I forgot what Noether’s theorem is about, but I guess topology.
    I checked back with the Wikipedia article I have happened on by chance a few times (or I wouldn’t know who she is). I was half-right about the 19th century and wrong about topology – ah well.

  3. Gnomic says:

    Rings a vague distant bell. Mentioned in a sci am article? No idea what it’s about

  4. Gnomic says:

    Looked it up. I think it was mentioned in a Stephen Baxter novel

  5. Anish Tondwalkar says:

    Noether’s theorem is a statement about conserved currents and how they relate to symmetries. A super-duper trivial application of her theorem gives us Hamilton’s Equations.
    Noether was a mathematician contemporary with Hilbert.
    I remember looking her up at some point and being disappointed with the lack of notable quotations.

  6. Andi Chapple says:

    I’m afraid I had heard of neither. cheers, Andi

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