Event: Science on Saturday, January 14

I haven’t posted much lately, but hopefully that will change soon. There are some interesting developments in the works, and if they work out, I’ll have some interesting stuff to tell you about. In the meanwhile, I wanted to tell you about a couple of upcoming events:

Science on Saturday

On January 14, I’ll be giving a talk at the Princeton Plasma Labs to 200-300 students and teachers as part of the “Science on Saturday”lecture series. What should I talk about? Possible talks include:

  • “What is the Universe Expanding into?”
  • “Our Uncertain Universe.”
  • “The Dark Side of the Universe.”

What would you like to hear about?

The After Dark Radio, with Bryan Alvarez

On October 28, I’ll be doing an interview with Bryan Alvarez (a semi-retired professional wrestler and journalist) on his “After Dark Radio” podcast. There seems to be a lot of UFO type stuff on his show, but also a lot about developments in science and technology. Our interview will focus on the “User’s Guide.” More details as they develop.


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3 Responses to Event: Science on Saturday, January 14

  1. Gnomic says:

    Topics I’d enjoy hearing:

    How would a alien civilization contact us?
    How do photons transfer energy?
    What assumptions might be wrong?
    What is after the Higgs?

  2. Dario says:

    Dave, can you help me understanding red-shift?

    I mean: the Universe expands so light is stretched and we see distant object red-shifted, I got it. But when I think of a single photon: it starts its journey as a violet photon with a certain energy, after billions of years of stretching it’s detected by our instruments as a red photon with… 1/2 its original energy. Where has this energy gone? I really don’t get this.

    Could Dark Energy be related in a way? If so, isn’t it curious that Dark Energy comes from.. Light?

    Thanks in advance

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