Ask a Physicist: Can you surf a gravitational wave?

Hurray! After an extended summer hiatus, my Ask a Physicist series is back on io9. This week I’m addressing a bunch of questions about gravitational waves, including why they’re so hard to detect, what they do, and why it’s really important that LISA gets funding.

If you’re just joining me here for the first time:

  1. Look around. The tags “physics” and “relativity” are likely to be of particular interest.
  2. Send me email. I like to get all sorts of questions, and I answer most of my email. If you’d like the sort of fame that having your question quoted on the internet can bring, see if you can think of good questions in the realm of quantum mechanics, particle physics, or even good ol’ fashioned stellar astrophysics (all of which have been neglected in my column for the last few months).

Enjoy! And wish me luck at Starfest. I’m giving a big talk on Friday at 8pm. Come on by and get your book signed, or, if you don’t have one, you could purchase one online or in person at the event.


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