Emily Joy on iTunes

I think I’ve used the “personal” tag pretty sparingly in the past, but I wanted to alert everyone that my beautiful and talented wife is now on iTunes. Her debut album, Front Porch is available for download on iTunes (as well as cdbaby and elsewhere). I would particularly recommend the title track.

Check it out, and if you like it, please recommend it to others.



p.s. New “Ask a Physicist” tomorrow, entitled, “Can you surf a gravitational wave?”

p.p.s. I’m on my way to Starfest tomorrow. If you’re going, be sure to say, “hello,” and also come to my talk on Friday. It’s at 8pm (the Friday night keynote talk!), and is entitled, “‘What is the universe expanding into?’ and other perfectly reasonable questions.” I’ll be signing and selling books after, and answering as many questions as you can throw at me.

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