Hey folks! Foreign versions of the “User’s Guide” are starting to become available — except for the Russian version which came out roughly the same time as the English version. I’m digging the various takes on the cover art. My favorite so far is the Russian. Despite being printed last year, it’s good a cool 1980’s feel to it. Now if only the publishers would fulfill their contractual obligations and send us copies of it.

Incidentally, for some of these I only have the bitmapped version of the image cover. If any of you actually own the foreign versions and want to send me a picture or post it to our facebook fan page, that would be awesome. It can be either of just the book, or of you and the book having an adventure.

Without further ado, I’ve put in links in case you absolutely need the complete collection:

Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese: Coming soon. If they’re actually out, it’d be swell if you could let me know.

“A User’s Guide to the Universe: Surviving the Perils of Black Holes, Time Paradoxes, and Quantum Uncertainty.”

The original!

“Universo istruzioni per l’uso. Come sopravvivere a buchi neri, paradossi temporali e fluttuazioni quantistiche”

This just came out in April, so as near as I can tell, there aren’t any reviews yet. Italian readers, please make it happen!

“Вселенная. Руководство по эксплуатации”

The first half dozen search results were places to download it illegally. However, on finding the publisher site (linked above), it seems the Russians like us. 9.4 stars (out of, presumably 10), with comments (translated via google) like: “A very interesting book that will be understandable to any graduate of the Russian school… The illustrations … are vivid and witty.” Indeed.

“Evren Kullanma Kılavuzu
Kara Deliklerin, Zaman Paradokslarının ve Kuantum Belirsizliğinin Tehlikelerini Atlatmanın Yolları”

This one seems to be coming out right now, so I don’t think there are any reviews up yet.

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