Something that almost made me cry

A few days ago, something interesting came up on my google alerts. Ayla, a 14 year old sea captain or pirate or something like that had written a blog entry on her favorite summer reading, and under “Science That’s Fun Beyond Belief” she listed the “User’s Guide.” I’ve commented before on how surprised I’ve been about the reception from younger readers. We’d originally aimed at a slightly older, somewhat more cynical (and 80’s-centric) audience, but I’ve been thrilled at the number of emails and blog posts and speaking invitations that we’ve gotten for younger students.

This sort of thing is especially exciting to me now since, as some of you know, I have a 1 1/2 year old daughter who is in the process of developing into a talking, reading, thinking little person. Nothing would make me happier than to have Willa (said daughter) be as excited about reading and science as Ayla and some of the other students who’ve written to me.

At any rate, upon seeing Ayla’s post, I commented briefly, thanking her, and she wrote back to tell me that she wrote a full-fledged review of our book for a school assignment, which she’s now posted to her blog. This is the part that almost made me cry. A brief excerpt:

In A User’s Guide to the Universe, Jeff Blomquist and Dave Goldberg not only prove the “physics=boring” equation false, but bring this mysterious branch of science to life in a vivid, lively and quirky story of the universe’s strangest conundrums and enigmas. Using a mixture of delightfully funny graphics, highly entertaining anecdotes, Science Fiction references, and questions every geek has ever asked, this books charms the reader and warmly invites them into the world of physics.

But it isn’t just the hilarity of these two physicists’ wit. It’s their earnest love of physics, and their desire to share it with a younger generation, who might otherwise remain ignorant of such a fascinating branch of science.


Go here to learn more about Ayla’s sea voyage around the world and to say something nice.


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