Teen Author Series Recap

Jeff and I had a great time at the Kingsessing Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia today where we gave our Field Family Teen Author Series talk. The deal (in case you don’t want to follow the link) is that we gave a talk on, in our case, Quantum Uncertainty, to about 60 or so very bright high school juniors and seniors. The Field Family generously purchased a copy of the “User’s Guide” for each of them, and following the talk, we had a vigorous Q&A, followed by book signings.

Jeff was a champ. Every student not only got a Blomquist original witticism, but their very own Dr. Snuggles caricature (except for those few who wanted a Rusty or Orzo al Dente).

Thanks again to the Free Library for organizing the event and to the students and teachers for coming out!


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  1. josh k-sky says:

    Those few who wanted a Rusty? Those few are my people.

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