What's next? Audience participation requested

I’ve started my next book in earnest. It’ll be all about symmetry, and will include how symmetries in the universe and assumed symmetries in physical laws can give rise to our understanding of how things work. I anticipate lots of cool diagrams and images.

It’ll be aimed at a similar audience as the “User’s Guide”. The tone will be similarly light-hearted, and I plan on keeping the Q&A format. However, unlike the User’s Guide, the symmetry book is intended to be read straight through rather than in standalone chapters.

Topics will include everything from Olber’s paradox, the Celestial Sphere, and Galilean relativity on the classical side of things to Noether’s Theorem (non-mathematically presented, of course), to a discussion of E8 and supersymmetry. The overarching theme is going to be an explanation of what it is that we’re looking for when we say that a theory is “elegant,” or “simple.” In other words, it’s intended to give you an idea of what the Theory of Everything will ultimately look like, and how we’ll know when we’ve found it.

What do I want from you?

  • Relevant questions (no matter how classical) that you need to see answered.
  • Suggestions of cool symmetrically oriented topics, whether they originate in physics or geometry.
  • Title suggestions. Everything I have so far comes across as either unbelievably pretentious or staggeringly dull, or more often, both.

Thanks, and I’ll keep you updated.


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