Target Demos

When Jeff and I first sat down to write the “User’s Guide,” we had a certain kind of reader in mind. I’m not sure we could have pictured him/her exactly, but we definitely imagined the sort of person who might partake of Adult Swim every now and again, and perhaps has a particular fondness for Robot Chicken. We wrote this book for you, Seth Green! We also assumed that, even now, our typical reader would engage in conversations consisting almost entirely of Simpsons quotes from the first few seasons. In other words, we were thinking about people almost exactly like us, but who knew less physics.

As a result, we were very surprised when we started getting emails from middle and high school students telling us how much they enjoyed the book. Surprised, but thrilled. I mean, we make multiple statements in the book like,”Your high school teachers told you…” and the like, and so truth to be told, in never even occured to us that high school students would like it. Though now that I think about it, there are an awful lot of puerile jokes (and several awful puerile jokes) in there. Maybe that’s how we got tapped to do the Free Library Teen Author Series in April.

Writers: Have you ever written anything and been surprised at the audience it attracts?


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