Are you ready to rock? Then this might not be the place for you.

Or it may.

Jeff and I are very excited to be speaking at the 2nd Nerd Nite Philly, Thursday January 13th at the Field House at 1150 Filbert Street in Center City Philadelphia.

Here’s the idea, for a nominal $5 entrance fee, you get to hear us talk about time travel as well as another nerdly speaker that we’ll announce when we find out who it is, and an awesomely nerdly musical act. According to the nerdnite bosses:

Nerd Nite is a monthly lecture event that strives for an inebriated, salacious, yet deeply academic vibe. It’s often about science or technology, but by no means is it limited to such topics. And it’s definitely entertaining. Our unofficial tag line is β€œIt’s like the Discovery Channel – with beer!” There are Nerd Nites around the world, Philadelphia is just one of them.

The inaugural Nerd Nite Philly was held on December 9, with over 110 in attendance. Seriously, do you want to be picked last for this as well?

Jeff and I will be speaking, selling and signing books. You could even ask for a custom Dr. Snuggles:

(friend them on facebook.)


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