Talk this Saturday: Cosmology and Crackpots

Good news, everyone! I’ll be giving a talk this Saturday, the 20th, 2pm at the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking. The talk will be held in the Bonnel Building of the Community College of Philadelphia. The subject will be “Cosmology and Crackpots”:

The standard model of cosmology has converged with tremendous precision over the last several decades. Experiment after experiment confirms that we live in a very strange universe; one filled with dark matter and dark energy. Because we don’t actually know what either of these two substances fundamentally are, any and all claims about the universe are often met with abject dismissal by members of the public, usually based on the assumption that the “dark” means that we know nothing at all. In this talk, Prof. Goldberg will discuss how and why we believe that dark matter and dark energy is real, describe some of my interactions from my “Ask a Physicist” column, and (perhaps most importantly to this group) talk about the real problems that cosmological physics has yet to answer.

I’ll be answering questions and (if you’re interested) signing books after the talk. The event is free to the public. I hope to see you there.


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