Monopole-izing the conversation

As I posted a screed a few weeks ago complaining about the popular revolt against dark energy, I wanted to note how pleased I was with the response to my monopole article. Granted, the overall hit rate was a bit more subdued this time around, due in part no doubt to io9’s excellent scifi 101 series. Seriously, if you haven’t checked that out, I strongly urge you to look at Charlie Jane’s 25 Classic Sci-Fi Movies that Everybody Must Watch (“Inception” makes the list).

The other issue was that unlike Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Black Holes, Monopoles get relatively little detailed discussion in the popular press (beyond the name), so it’s not clear what people expected. I was very touched by the comments this week, in large part because there were a fair number of people who clearly enjoyed learning about something genuinely new. It also didn’t hurt that apparently the Big Bang Theory did a bit about searching for monopoles last week.

So if folks out there have more questions on really under-represented or under-explained physical phenomena, just let me know.


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