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The posts on io9 were so successful that they asked me to do a regular “Ask a Physicist” column. There will be an official announcement on the site, I’ll give you folks the inside scoop. People will send email to me at, and every couple of weeks I’ll pick one to answer. It’s just that easy!

Ask now to get give your question a chance to burrow into my brain.


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  1. Lotze says:

    can black holes be fractal-like repeats of atoms? perhaps atoms that make up our world? like if you were too zoom out of the universe, it would become an atom, zoom out more, and then the plant on your desk, then our earth, then the galaxy, then the universe, then an atom, ect.
    as if we were living in an atom? do you follow? i don’t know the rules of what atoms are or how they work that’s why i’m asking you, could our universe be an atom?

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