Slashdot Review

AlfredW (Full Disclosure: he’s a grad student at Drexel, but one over whom I have absolutely no power anymore), wrote a very nice write-up at slashdot. A brief quote:

A User’s Guide to the Universe (hereinafter “A User’s Guide”) is the physicist’s answer to Phil Plait’s Death from the Skies!: These Are the Ways the World Will End…. What Goldberg and Blomquist have created is a fun, light read about interesting areas of modern physics that will entertain while it educates. The book assumes very little scientific background on the part of the reader. Those with some knowledge (this is Slashdot, after all) will find the explanations of well-known concepts (the double slit experiment, for example) lucid, direct, brief and entertaining.

I’ll hopefully have another fun (and goofy) thing to link by the end of the day.


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