I’ve written a piece for io9. It’s “An Open Letter to the Writers and Directors of Hot Tub Time Machine”, and includes such over-the-top lines as:

When Clark Duke interrupts his parents mid-coitus, he temporarily disappears from existence. Mathematical models demonstrate that this is not what would happen. It has been shown conclusively that he would fade from existence a bit at a time, starting with images in photographs.

Sufficed to say, the entire article is meant as a joke. Please make sure you read the comments section. About 1/3 of them are along the lines of “Dude. It’s a movie!”, and the rest are responses along the lines of, “Uh… it was a joke.”


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2 Responses to io9

  1. DU Student says:

    I laughed so hard i cried. This made my entire Drexel experience worth wile lol thank you also your physics 1 class beats tyagi’s any day. haha

  2. Torley says:


    Always hilarious yet insightful to see who’s actually paying attention — all those jump-the-gunners need to be reined in and be primed on doing research on a sense of humor.

    Keep being creative.

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