A last minute cosmology review

I’m giving my cosmology final in a little bit, and apparently, the students were up all night coming up with mnemonics for the big bang. Here’s one from Coleman:

God gives us: PIe and Dairy Queen, but Mom says No BEER.

  • Plank Time
  • Inflation
  • Decoupling of Higgs
  • Quark confinement
  • Muon’s become non-relativistic
  • Neutrino freeze out
  • BBNS
  • Electrons become non-rel
  • Equality
  • Recombination

I have news for them (or you, if you’re one of the students reading this). For the life of me, I can never remember things like Muons becoming non-relativistic.

Edit (post exam) I also got the baffling:

Poop Slinging Neanderthal Elephant Riders

  • P – Plank time
  • S – Strong force decoupling / Inflation begins
  • N – Neutrino freeze out
  • E – Equality
  • R – Recombination

from the undergraduates.

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