Events this week!

I’m getting very excited. Tomorrow night (Tuesday), I’ll be interviewed by WNYC’s Kurt Anderson for Studio 360. If you want to come to the taping, I’m afraid you’re SOL. The event is sold out. You can, however, listen to it on the radio. I’m told it will air sometime around New Years.

This weekend is also PhilCon, which is being held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Jeff and I have a bunch of sessions:

  • Friday, 7pm – Crystal Ballroom 3: “How to Build a Time Machine.” This is our big duo event. Not the best time slot, but it’s all ours! Come out and show your support!
  • Saturday, 2pm – Crystal Ballroom 3: “The Planck Telescope and Herschel Space Observatory.” As you may know, I’ve done some work on the CMB. Not sure what sort of crowd this will attract, but we’ll see.
  • Saturday, 5pm – Crystal Ballroom 2: “Science at the heart of Science Fiction.” This should be interesting. Big panel. I’ll see if I can get a word in edgewise.
  • Saturday, 6pm – Crystal Ballroom 2: “Great Mysteries of Science.” What does the future hold for science?

Hope to see you there, and wish me luck!


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