Rubber Spatula

Dear People:

I know this isn’t the normal fare here, but I have a very important idea that I don’t have the time to properly exploit. It is my fondest hope is that one of you takes advantage of this very lucrative opportunity.

We need a 4th standard utensil — a small rubber spatula with an ornate handle.

We were eating crepes last night at Beau Monde , and during dessert, my caramel and chocolate spilled out on to the plate. How was I to recover the lost goo? With my finger. That’s right, like a savage. How much better it would have been if there had been a small rubber spatula next to my plate so I could have collected everything into a neat pile and used my spoon (or even the spatula itself!).

It’s not just crepes, either! Melted ice cream. Pasta sauce. You name it. There’s a fortune to be made, and more importantly, there’s goo to be saved.


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4 Responses to Rubber Spatula

  1. U. H. Flax says:

    Not to quash your creative fire, but I could have sworn I saw something just like that the last time I was at Spatula City.

  2. dave says:

    It’s more of a meme than an invention. We need a culture shift whereby a spatula is always put on the table setting. I propose a position in between the spoon and the knife. For more formal occasions, perhaps horizontally on top of the plate.

  3. aden says:

    Why couldn’t a spoon have gathered the goo on the plate? Or a torn corner of the crepe, similar to garlic bread’s usage with extra spaghetti sauce?

    While the spatula is more flexible, what are the consequences when we get into fancier dining? One spatula per course? Would the position between the knife and the spoon convey it’s proper usage?

  4. dave says:

    Truly, I am ahead of my time.

    1. This is a low carb solution.

    2. I never have any crepe flesh left over at this point.

    3. No waste.

    But saddest of all is that, apart from time travel and parallel universes, the rubber spatula post has invited more comments than almost any other.

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