Finally, productivity.

It is with a little apprehension that I post for the first time. It’s not that I’m new at chronicling my time-wasting misadventures (far from it) but this marks the first time that my time-wasting misadventures have actually afforded me the opportunity to chronicle.

I got involved with this project the way I get involved with most projects: which is to say, I spent a lot of time focusing my attention on a single, nagging issue, and eventually someone told me to move.

In this case, it was my doodling.

Far from being intricate and majestic, the things I sketch have but a single purpose: to entertain.

Entertain, they did.  I was actually forced to take my notebook sketches from the wall they hang on in my old office, and transfer them to the world of DIGITAL SCANNING, a place where all of your work gets compressed and pixilated until it looks like something else.

And that something else is PROGRESS.

Dave pitched the idea of a book to me at the tail end of my graduate school career (which was not too long ago), and I was lucky enough to know that the best course of action was to smile and shake my head.

I haven’t had a single regret yet.*


*(Ok, that’s not entirely true.  When we were in NY, meeting with our agent, there was this dude on the train picking his nose, and he would not QUIT.  It was like his fingers were little bears, and the cavernous nostrils on the front of his head were deep and warm, and perfect for hibernation.  Anyway, I regret not getting a picture.)

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