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They Found It!

by dave on July 4th, 2012

Results from the CMS Experiment. Curve shows probability of a detection being found by chance. Results from the ATLAS Experiment.

This isn’t going to be a long post, because I think you knew what was coming. Earlier this morning, both the ATLAS and CMS experiments announced an official detection of the Higgs Boson at around 125-126 GeV. The working assumption is that this is a so-called “standard model Higgs,” (a distinction which doesn’t matter for most people), but it may have interactions with other particles that we don’t yet know about.

This is an absolute triumph for the Standard Model of Physics, and an enormous freaking deal in general. Congratulations to both teams, and to the physicists who predicted the existence of the Higgs half a century ago: Phil Anderson, Robert Brout, Francois Englert, Carl Hagen, Gerry Guralnik, Peter Higgs and Tom Kibble.

A few very useful links:

Here are some older articles of mine explaining what the Higgs does, and why it’s important:

Happy 4th, people


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